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Luiz Cane Doesn't Really Want To Fight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira At UFC 106

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ATT Manager spoke Tatame:

"That was the last fight we wanted. When Joe (Silva) offered it to us, I asked to put his against any other American, Forrest, Rashad, Rampage, but they said you have to fight whoever they put in front of you", said Alex.  With an old relationship with Minotouro, Alex was sad with event’s decision.


"Rogério is my friend, Banha is his fan... They don’t train together, but they have an old relationship with me, I was the first to put him to fight outside Brazil, already train a lot of times on ATT and he’s everyone’s friend up there. Banha likes him a lot, we didn’t want this fight", told Davis, who also talked to Minotouro about the combat. And his expectation is for a big fight.

The fight should be an absolute war in that both fighters are tough as nails and highly skilled.  A win for either fighter puts them in line to potentially face someone that a top 5 LHW.  I think Rogerio has the edge standing, but Cane has proven that he's willing to take punishement to get his offense off.  Plus, Cane can just wear you down with his tenacity and accumulation of punches/kicks.  Of course, Rogerio is a BJJ blackbelt so he'll have the edge there as well.  How do you see this fight going down?