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The UFC 103 Open Thread/Discussion And Quick Results

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A poster or logo for UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort.

As always, make sure you join us tonight starting at 9pm EST to discuss the fights at UFC 103.  A lot of questions will be answered tonight, however, the weigh in's yesterday added more intrigue to the fights.  Vitor Belfort's physique didn't look at impressive as it usually does.  Efrain Escudero and Hermes Franca looked sort of suspect as well.  I mean for 155'ers, they were not cut up at all.  I mean I know Franca isn't a Lee Labrada or anything with the abs, but come on man.  Anyways, Dos Santos looked much larger than Cro Cop as well.  Also, as always NO SPOILERS, as some of the preliminary fights could make the LIVE broadcast.  Please remember that the Escudero/Miller and McFedries/Drwal will air LIVE on Spike TV at 9pm EST.

UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort coverage