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Vitor Belfort To Fight At Light Heavyweight?

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So I was watching the UFC Fight Night 19 event last night, probably just as you were doing so.  You probably noticed all of the commercials promoting the upcoming UFC 103 event this weekend.  However, I noticed something on one of the promotional pieces.  The narrator indicated that Vitor Belfort was coming back to the UFC to become a contender in the UFC Light Heavyweight division.  We know that Vitor Belfort had made the move down to the middleweight division for his past few fights after fighting much of his career as a light heavyweight.  This fight at UFC 103 against Rich Franklin will be at a catchweight of 195lbs.  So was that just a mistake on the narrator's part, or do you think Belfort will actually try to make a run at the UFC light heavyweight title?  After all, a win over Rich Franklin would be a win over a top ten light heavyweight. 

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