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The Ultimate Fighter 10 Live Blog: Episode One

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We have former UFC LHW champions Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson as the coaches and an all star cast in regards to ultimate fighter participants.  This could quite possibly be the most anticipated season of TUF ever.  We have four former NFL football players, and former IFL champion, and a street fighting legend in Kimbo Slice.  I wonder who's going to get it on in the first match?  Tune in with me and leave your thoughts in the comments section.  I'm super hyped!

"The Ultimate Fighter 10" Debut coverage

The show starts as they re-air the beer between Rampage and Rashad at UFC 96.  I love that face off.  Then they go to Rashad and Rampage talking beside one another talking more smack as they wait for the fighters to come into the UFC training center.  The fighters come in and they are ALL huge.  They make Rampage and Rashad look like middleweights.  We get to hear from some of the fighters at this point.  Rampage talks smack about Rashad being knocked out by Lyoto Machida.  Then Rashad brings up the Shogun/Rampage fight in PRIDE.  Dana White comes in and gathers the fighters and says there's one more fighter.  Kimbo Slice enters the room and there's complete silence from the other fighters.

Dana White gives some background on Kimbo Slice and Rampage lays claim to Kimbo Slice being on his team.  Roy Nelson is mad that he isn't the big announcement.  Dana White thinks the fans will want Kimbo to prove him wrong and prove that he's a real fighter.  Dana lets the fighters know that they are about to train for two hours and then the teams will be picked.  Rampage again lays claim to Kimbo Slice being on his team and Rashad is all for it.  Rampage tells Kimbo that he doesn't have to do a 'damn' thang.  Rashad stats that he believes there are more well rounded fighters besides Kimbo in the house.  Enter the first commercial break.

We're back and Rashad kind of goes over his strategy on who he's going to pick.  He personally knows two of the fighters on the show.  Rampage wants his fighters to spar for their workout, and it seems as though some of the fighters got some nicks and cuts.  He meets Roy Nelson and Nelson is critical of Rampage's coaching ability.  Rampage is still stuck on picking on Roy Nelson's titties.  Marcus Jones talks about the difference between MMA and the NFL.  Then the footage switches to Kimbo Slice training with Rampage providing the commentary. 

Now they get ready to pick the teams and Dana White comes out with the coin toss to see who gets the first pick.  Dana flips the coin and Rashad wins and picks the first fighter, and then they alternate until all the fighters are picked.  Wes Sims makes an appearance with his personality while the picks are being made.  Rampage makes a joke with the last pick and wants to pick the camera guy instead of the last fighter available.  The fighters enter the house and Kimbo is featured as he picks his bed.  Two fighters talk about how Kimbo's streetfighting will not help him be successful in MMA as the second commercial break comes about.

We are back and it's Rashad's team that trains first.  The fighters weigh in on how they see things going and who they want to fight first.  Rashad is confident that his fighters are all better than Rampage's team.  Rampage's team starts their training session and he immediately wants to test their cardio and he singles Marcus Jones out.  Rampage makes the first fight and it's Abe Wagner vs. Jon Madsen, and Rashad seems to be thrilled with the match up.  Enter the next commercial break.

We are back and Jon Madsen is talking about his background and who he's been training with(Robbie Lawler and Matt Hughes).  Of course that means he wants to take the fight to the ground for some GnP.  Rashad is talking cash smack about Rampage's team.  Rampage's advice to Abe Wagner is to 'knock this fool out'.  They show Abe Wagner training footage and Rampage is clowning Rashad about getting knocked out by Lyoto Machida again.  Now it's fight day. 

The fight starts and Madsen immediate goes for the take down and gets it.  The pace is frantic as he works some GnP and Wagner gets full guard.  Wagner doing a good job of keeping Madsen from posturing up, but isn't threatning with any submissions.  Madsen with punches to the body.  Wagner with a high guard now.  Madsen working the body and then the head.  Wagner is trying to set up a triangle choke, but Madsen has none of it.  Madsen with some GnP.  Big elbow from Madsen opens Wagner up.  Wagner is bleeding heavily now and Madsen continues to tee off.  Madsen has Wager pinned up against the cage and is teeing off in his own corner.  There's a pool of blood under Wagner now and Madsen postures up again for punches.  Blood is pouring from Wagner's head now.  Wagner sweeps Madsen as the bell sounds.  The fighters in attendance think the fight is over because of the cut.  Commercial break.

The second round is about to start and Rampage tells Wagner he has to knock out Madsen to win.  Madsen immediately takes Wagner down.  Wagner attempts a triangle unsuccessfully.  Wagner's cut has opened up and the referee stands them up.  Madsen takes Wagner right back down and pins him against the cage.  There's little action and Rampage is constantly yelling at Wagner that he needs to get up to his feet.  However, Wagner can't do anything with Madsen on top of him.  The referee stands them back up after a lull in the action.  Madsen takes Wagner right back down as Wagner attempts a punch.  Wagner attempts a weak guillotine choke but it's not even close.  Madsen working some GnP from Wagner's half guard.  The referee stands them back up and Madsen takes Wagner right back down.  Rampage curses and storms away from the cage.  The bell sounds to end the fight.

John Madsen takes the unanimous decision victory and Abe Wager is eliminated.

Rampage takes the blame for matching Wagner up against Madsen.  The doctor is looking at Wagner's cut and it looks like he got hit in the head with a bush axe.  The preview of next weeks show looks like it will be very exciting with several Rashad/Rampage confrontations and the possiblity of a Kimbo Slice fight.