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UFC Fight Night 19 Results: Nate Quarry Wins An Absolute War Against Tim Credeur Via Unanimous Decision

The round starts and they try to feel one another out with Credeur leading with a jab and front kicks.  Quarry with a slow over hand right.  Credeur has a big reach advantage..  Quarry with a good left right combo that lands.  Credeur with good kicks to the body.  Quarry with a stiff jab.  Quarry with another right.  It's all striking right now with no one trying to take it to the ground.  Credeur lands and Quarry answers.  Credeur with a good combo that lands.  Quarry tags Credeur with a stiff left hook.  Credeur is the aggressor so far though.  Credeur rocks Quarry and takes Quarry down.  Credeur trying to get the RNC and Quarry is fighting it off.  Quarry fights it off and is back to his feet but looks shaky.  Nice body shot from Quarry.  Quarry is bleedy from the mouth and takes a couple of shots.  He's still shaky ass the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Quarry lands a stiff leg kick.  They are trading and BOTH fighters are rocked right now, Credeur goes down.  Quarry landing some GnP, but Credeur is able to get full guard.  Quarry trying to posture up and rain punches down.  Credeur is bleeding from the mouth now.  Quarry is landing some decent GnP.  Credeur was trying to spin for an armbar but Quarry saw it coming.  Quarry with more GnP.  Quarry is just not letting Credeur up right now. He's not doing MUCH damage but he is scoring.  Credeur with another armbar submission attempt that wasn't really close.  Quarry with more GnP as the bell sounds.

The third and final round starts and Quarry with a leg kick.  Credeur is landing at will and is tagging Quarry.  Quarry throws one right hand and ROCKS Credeur.  Credeur goes down and Quarry begins the GnP assault again.  Quarry has Credeur pinned up against the cage right now.  Credeur tries to get back to his feet and does.  They are trading bombs right now.  It's rock'em sock'em robots right now.  Both guys are getting tagged.  Quarry drops Credeur again.  Credeur seems as though he's beginning to gas moreso than Quarry.  Credeur tries to roll for a leg lock but Quarry defends.  Credeur with butterfly guard now as Quarry lands some more GnP.  Credeur to full guard now with 1:30 seconds left.  Quarry is not letting Credeur up at all.  Quarry is working Credeur's body with punches and Herb Dean stands the fighters up with :30 seconds left.  Credeur with a big head kick that is blocked.  They are trading punches and kicks as the bell sounds.  Great fight.  Judges score the fight 29-28(2x) and 29-27 for Nate Quarry.

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