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UFC Fight Night 19 Results: Carlos Condit Wins A Split Decision Against A Very Game Jake Ellenberger

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The fight starts and Condit lands a kick in which Ellenberger catches and lands a right hand.  Ellenberger takes Condit down.  Condit looks to be working for a triangle choke, but lets it go.  Ellenberger landing some GnP, but Condit lands some solid elbows also.  Condit back to his feet and is tagged by Ellenberger, but shakes it off.  Condit is tagged again and tries to pull guard or something.  Ellenberger is tagging Condit and Condit gets up and lands a huge knee.  Ellenberger tries for a D'Arce choke and gives up a take down to Condit.  Condit mounts and goes for an armbar but misses.  Ellenberger goes for a guillotine choke but Condit defends.  Condit is tagged with a headkick but shakes it off.  Ellenberger looks really good thus far.  Condit lands a hard right hand.  Condit going for a single leg but Ellenberger defends as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and they swing and miss.  Condit with a leg kick that lands.  Condit with a head kick and Ellenberger ducks under.  Ellenberger with a good double leg take down as Condit throws a punch.  Condit attempting rubber guard.  Condit is pinned up against the fence by Ellenberger and not much action.  Condit working for a triangle choke again but misses it.  Condit back up to his feet and tries to jump guard with a guillotine but misses.  Condit working a kimura and sweeps Ellenberger into the mount position.  Condit raining down punches and Ellenberger gives up his back and now back to half guard.  Condit mounts again and drops elbows.  Ellenberger reverses and lands in Condit's full guard.  Condit landing punches from his back with Ellenberger not doing much from the top position.  Condit lands a good combo as the bell sounds and Ellenberger looks like he is beginning to gas.

The third round starts and both guys start out cautious.  Condit lands a kick that's partially blocked, and Ellenberger gets the takedown.  Condit with butterfly guard, now back to full guard.  Condit landing punches from his back.  Ellenberger with a big elbow.  Condit works for submission and gets back to his feet.  Condit with a single leg as Ellenberger tries to work a guillotine choke with half guard.  Condit defends.  Condit in half guard and landing punches.  Condit looking for a choke and softens Ellenberger up with punches.  Nice elbows from Condit and he looks to start pouring it on.  Condit is raining punches and begins to work Ellenberger over now.  He's taken Ellenberger's back and is raining punches.  Ellenberger escapes as Condit went for an armbar.  Ellenberger shoots for the single and Condit defends with a kimura attempt.  Condit is the fresher fighter and is teeing off on Ellenberger as he has taken his back with both hooks in.  Ellenberger is flatned out.  Condit lands punches as the final bell sounds.  The judges award a split decision to Carlos Condit.

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