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UFC Fight Night 19 Results: Gray Maynard Defeats Roger Huerta Via Split Decision

The fight starts and they start out cautious trying to gauge the distance.  Huerta with a leg kick.  Maynard trying to set up a big right hand with a pawing jab and lands the right hand.  The crowd is pro-Huerta.  Both guys pawing with the jab.  Maynard lands a big right hand and a punch to the body.  They exchange punches and Maynard wins the exchange.  Leg kick from Huerta.  Maynard with a nice right hand and another.  Huerta seems to be stalking Maynard now.  Huerta has tagged Maynard and Maynard is hurt.  Maynard lands a big right hand.  Maynard with a stiff jab.  Maynard shoots for a double leg take down and Huerta defends.  Maynard with a good knee and Huerta answers with a short combo.  The bell sounds.

The second round starts and Huerta lands a leg kick and another.  Maynard lands with a punch.  Maynard with a jab.  Maynard with a big left hook.  Huerta with leg kicks.  Maynard lands a counter punch as Huerta lunges forward with punches.  Maynard feints a take down and Huerta's punches come up short.  Huerta with a leg kick, Maynard lands a big right hand that staggers Huerta.  Huerta comes forward with punches.  Maynard drops Huerta with a jab.  Huerta right back up with a leg kick.  Huerta swarms with punches as he comes forward and Maynard spins away.  Maynard is bleeding from the nose.  Huerta is pushing the action but doesn't land, but Maynard with a knee and Huerta catches it but does nothing with it.  Maynard with a stiff jab.  Maynard with a right hand.  They trade punches.  They exchange again as the bell sounds and Huerta lands some solid shots.

The third and final round starts and Maynard lands a left hook.  Huerta swarms forward but comes up short.  Huerta swarms again and lands a knee, Maynard with a right hand.  Maynard shoots with a double leg and gets the take down.  Maynard on Huerta's back, and Huerta spins back into Maynard.  Maynard has Huerta pinned against the cage.  Maynard controlling Huerta and tries to spin to Huerta's back.  He does and scoops Huerta up and drops him to the ground.  Maynard with hammer fists to the side of Huerta's head.  Huerta punching from his back.  Maynard is side control now, and has a kimura locked up. Huerta isn't tapping.  Huerta is punching Maynard's stomach.  They are back up to the feet.  Maynard with another take down.  Huerta with a good knee to the body.  They are clinched against the cage as the bell sounds.  The judges score the fight 30-27(2x) and 28-29 for Gray Maynard via split decision.

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