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UFC Fight Night 19 Results: Nate Diaz Submits Melvin Guillard via Guillotine Choke In Round 2

The fight starts and they come out swinging.  Guillard drops Nate Diaz with a big right hand.  Diaz is back to his feet.  Guillard with nice head movement to avoid Diaz's punches.  Diaz with a trip take down.  Guillard right back to his feet and he uchi mata throws Diaz.  Diaz is bleeding.  Guillard lets Diaz up.  Guillard taunts Diaz.  Diaz trips Guillard again.  Guillard puts his back against the cage and Guillard stands again as they are clinched against the cage.  Diaz is bleeding heavily from his right eye.  Guillard misses a mortal kombat uppercut.  Diaz pawing with the jab.  Guillard with a good knee to the body.  Guillard with a huge right hand and Diaz taunts Guillard.  Guillard with another punch.  Diaz lands a kick.  Diaz is pressing the action here.  Diaz with another leg kick.  Guillard throws a 1-2 and spins away.  Guillard with a nice body kick.  Diaz with a kimura attempt and Guillard rolls out of it as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Guillard lands a good body kick.  Guillard slipping Diaz's punches.  They clinch up against the cage and Guillard throws Diaz to the ground.  Diaz goes for a leglock but Guillard has none of it.  Guillard with a nice combination that snaps Diaz head back.  Guillard playing possum and shoots for a take down and gets it.  Diaz with a modified guillotine and Guillard fights it.  Guillard taps to the submission.

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