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Matt Hughes Talks Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort at UFC 103

Courtesy Of the Matt Hughes Blog:

I think this is an interesting match up as you know Rich and I are good friends and I think he will pull out a victory. I don’t see much of a ground game by either fighter, just a lot of strikes. Vitor is such a mental fighter, it all just depends on who is going to show up. If a confident Vitor shows up, he could do well; but if a weak-minded, undertrained Vitor shows up, then he’s going to be in trouble. I’m sure Rich will come in with a good game plan and I see it being a good main event.

It seems that even though Belfort has been able to put together 4 wins in a row, he still isn't able to shake the tag of a mentally weak fighter.  This often caused people to wonder which Belfort would show up for the fight, the old Vitor or the new Belfort?  Only to find out that the new Belfort was really the old one sometimes.  Since Belfort has started training at Xtreme Couture, I'm sure he's training pretty hard, but that hasn't done much for Phil Baroni, Forrest Griffin, and Gina Carano as of late.  I wonder which Vitor will show up at UFC 103? 

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