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UFC Fight Night 19 Live Thread: Play-by-Play, Scoring, Discussion

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Join Matt Bishop starting at 8 p.m. ET for live coverage of UFC Fight Night 19, which is live from the Cox Convention Center in Tulsa, Okla. Following the show, we'll have discussion of the debut of "The Ultimate Fighter 10."

In addition to discussing the fights, you can follow along with us as we provide play-by-play and live scoring of the fights.

And don't forget to join Lights Out Radio at 11:10 p.m. ET/8:10 p.m. PT following the show and the debut of The Ultimate Fighter 10 for full analysis and discussion of the night's card.

UFC Fight Night 19: Diaz vs. Guillard coverage
"The Ultimate Fighter 10" Debut coverage

The main card, play-by-play, scoring and discussion is after the jump.

Middleweight bout

Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur

Round 1 -- They touch gloves to open the night. Quarry goes to the body. Nice right by Quarry. Teep by Credeur. Middle kick blocked by Quarry's elbow. Jab by Quarry. Quarry blocking a lot of punches. Credeur throwing a high volume of punches but not a lot are landing. Quarry's corner tells him to pull the trigger. Nice right hook by Credeur and he follows it up with a flurry. Left hook by Quarry jacks Credeur's jaw. Credeur hurts Quarry and drops him with a short right. Quarry trying to fend off the submission and Credeur locks in a rear-naked choke. Quarry is out but he is mounted and Credeur gets up and Quarry is up with 40 seconds left. They trade as the round ends.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Credeur

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Credeur

Round 2 -- Credeur is bombing away and Quarry is eating. Quarry rocks Credeur and looks to finish. Wow. Credeur defending. Quarry in half-guard. Crowd is going crazy. It's settled down. Quarry stands and dives in with some shots. Credeur claims full guard. Quarry just going with the rights, several of them. Quarry stands and ends up in butterfly guard but only briefly. Credeur throws up his legs for an armbar but gives it up without an attempt. Quarry wants to keep it on the ground. He could've back away several times but keeps going back in. Full guard. Credeur goes for an armbar but Quarry slips out easily. Qurry with some body shots on the ground. Nice diving right by Quarry. Nice right from the bottom by Credeur. Round's over.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Quarry

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Quarry

Round 3 -- My cable went out and I missed the first 1:30 of the round. Quarry rocks Credeur. They are swinging for the fences and are dog tired. Credeur just falls back. Quarry into full guard. Quarry's corner yells at him to pass. Credeur looking for a heel hook but Quarry's defends easily. Butterfly guard. Quarry working hard from the top. Referee Herb Dean stands them with 30 seconds left. They take eight seconds to stand. Credeur explodes with a head kick but it's blocked. They trade and it's over.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Quarry (29-28 Quarry)

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Quarry (29-28 Quarry)

Official decision: Nate Quarry d. Tim Credeur (Unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27, 29-28)

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Welterweight bout

Carlos Condit vs. Jake Ellenberger

Round 1 -- Ellenberger catches a kick and jacks Condit and takes him down. In guard against the cage. Condit doing a nice job of tying him up. Condit back to his feet but he eats a big shot and they separate. Right hurts Condit. Ellenberger drops him after a few more shots. Ellenberger locks in a D'Arce choke but lets it go. Condit rises with some shots but Ellenberger drops him and he looks out but he's not. Condit ends up on top of Ellenberger in half-guard. Condit mounts him but Ellenberger just shoves him off. Ellenberger works for a guillotine and drops into it but ends up rolling on top. This is something else. They get up and Ellenberger clips Condit with a head kick. Condit misses a spinning back fist by a mile. Ellenberger clips Condit again and he drops back slightly. Condit drives Ellenberger against the cage looking for a single. Great round.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger

Round 2 -- Ellenberger drives and gets a double leg takedown. Condit works rubber guard briefly. Condit controlling on the bottom. Elbows to the body by Condit. Ellenberger lands a nice, quick elbow. Back to the feet briefly but Condit drags it back down. Condit looking for a Kimura. He rolls and he has it but he gives it up and is in mount. Ellenberger bucking but Condit holds him off but Ellenberger gets into side control. Condit passes to mount with 1:15 to go. Elbow. Condit looks for a submission and Ellenberger reverses him. They stand with 17 seconds left. Jumping knee by Condit misses.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Condit

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Condit

Round 3 -- Ellenberger eats a head kick and says what's up to Condit. They go to the ground with Ellenberger on top. Not much happening on the floor until Ellenberger cuts Condit with a huge elbow. They stand. Cut is to the side of the left eye. Condit goes for a single but ends up in a guillotine. Condit is calm and escapes without struggle. Condit in half guard. Condit gives some room and Ellenberger tries to get up but can't. Ellenberger is in the turtle position and Condit takes his back and starts pounding. Ellenberger spins and ends up in guard as Condit tries for an armbar with 75 seconds remaining. They stand with 64 left. Ellenberger tries a single but can't finish it. Condit elbows the side of the head. He goes for a Kimura and takes the side. Ellenberger tries to explode out but Condit ends up on his back. He flattens him out with 15 seconds left. Ellenberger just trying to hang on. He survives.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Condit (29-28 Condit)

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Condit (29-28 Condit)

Official decision: Carlos Condit d. Jake Ellenberger (Split Decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Lightweight bout

Gray Maynard vs. Roger Huerta

Round 1 -- Feeling out process early. One brief exchange. Maynard looking to load up the right like Dan Henderson. Starting to open up about two minutes in. Both fighters are very quick. All standing thus far. Right hand by Maynard. Huerta lands against the cage in a flurry. Maynard with a right in return. Huerta stalking. Maynard goes for a takedown but can't get it. He rushes Huerta against the cage and tries to finish but gives it up. Round is over.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Huerta

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Huerta

Round 2 -- Maynard cracks Huerta. Kicks by Huerta. Nice combo by Maynard. Maynard staggers Huerta but Huerta pushes forward after a second. Nice body shot by Huerta. Maynard buckles Huerta with a jab. Maynard misses an overhand left. Huerta jumps in and lands. One minute to go. Both just going in and out. Huerta lands a few shots. Maynard misses a hook. 

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Maynard

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Maynard

Round 3 -- Maynard clips Huerta with a short left. Maynard pays for getting wild and eats two shots. Jab lands for Huerta. Maynard drives into Huerta and takes him down. Huerta stands up but Maynard sucks him right back down. Huerta trying to get out and is on his knees with Maynard sprawling above him. Maynard on his back as Huerta stands and takes him back down. Huerta rolls but Maynard ends up in side control briefly. Maynard locks in a Kimura. That arm is in danger. Huerta rolls and Maynard gives it up. Huerta on top but they are in a strange position. They finally roll with 55 seconds left and back up and Maynard ends up on his back, switches and takes him back down. Huerta's corner screams at him to "get his ass up." Huerta stands and they clinch with 20 seconds left. Dirty boxing inside and it's over.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Maynard (29-28 Maynard)

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Maynard (29-28 Maynard)

Official decision: Gray Maynard d. Roger Huerta (Split Decision, 28-29, 30-27, 30-27)


Lightweight bout

Nate Diaz vs. Melvin Guillard

Round 1 -- Both are ready to go in the staredown. Guillard drops him in the first 10 seconds but he lets him up when a finish isn't looking probable. Diaz looks OK. Guillard looks confident. Trip takedown by Diaz and Guillard slides himself against the cage, gets up and throws Diaz. Full guard. Diaz bleeding from the side of his right eye. Back to the feet. Diaz taunts him, Melvin gives it back. Guillard misses an uppercut. Diaz with another takedown, again Guillard sits against the cage. Guillard explodes to his feet. Clinch against the cage and they break. Guillard misses a home run uppercut. Diaz wipes the blood away, which is increasing. Guillard slipping all of Diaz's punches. Nice right by Guillard and Diaz puts his arms up. Diaz eats a big shot. Diaz jabs and talks. Leg kick for Diaz. Body kick by Guillard. Guillard ducks a punch.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Guillard

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Guillard

Round 2 -- Body kick nails Diaz. Guillard misses a Superman punch. Guillard tries to throw Diaz but he half-stuffs it. Guillard stands. Jab for Diaz lands. Guillard lands a right that staggers Diaz a bit. Diaz with a left. Guillard suckers him in and tries to land. Guillard goes for a sloppy takedown and ends up in a vintage Diaz guillotine. Guillard taps.

Official decision: Nate Diaz d. Melvin Guillard (Submission - Guillotine choke) R2 2:13