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Is The UFC Trying To Attract NFL Fans By Airing MMA Content The Same Time As Monday Night Football?

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Monday Night Football debuted tonight featuring two football games.  The New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills and the San Diego Chargers vs. The Oakland Raiders.  Monday night football games always have huge ratings of millions upon millions of fans tuning in.  Well, the UFC moved their UFC Countdown show from the usual 11pm slot to the 7pm slot in a effort of avoiding going head to head with these two games.  However, guess what began airing on Spike TV at 8pm EST?  That's right, a replay of the Ultimate Fight Night featuring Rashad Evans vs. Sean Salmon in the main event.  Then, a replay of UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion featuring Rampage Jackson vs. Dan Henderson will be airing around 10pm EST.  Of course, all the commercials during these UFC shows have advertisements promoting the next season of The Ultimate Fighter which happens to have four former NFL players on the show.  I don't know if this is all coincidence or if the UFC is actively trying to attract some NFL fans flipping through the channels or something.  I think it's a great strategy in that there are a ton of NFL fans in the coveted 18-34 age range, plus the shows that are airing are not live, thus not costing the UFC anything.  It's also potentially attracting some NFL fans to tune into the next season of The Ultimate Fighter as well as inviting them to tune into UFC 103 this weekend.