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Randy Couture To Get A Title Shot With Win Over Vera At UFC 105?

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Maybe I'm late with this, but I just ran across this little tidbit of information at Inside Fights:

Inside Fights has also learned that Couture will receive a title shot if he beats Vera. The title shot was promised in exchange for Couture agreeing to help save the show, which was desperately in need of an announced main event before tickets go on sale on Monday. Couture also receives a portion of the pay per view revenue, which he will be foregoing by fighting on the free Spike television broadcast.

I asked about Couture's compensation in the other post where the fight with Vera was confirmed, but I wasn't aware that it's possible for Couture to get a title shot with a win over Vera if this piece is correct. I just don't know how I feel about that. It just doesn't sit well with me, but I realize that Couture is doing the UFC a favor here. I understand Couture negotiating, and he rightfully should do so in this circumstance. I mean he's coming off two losses, he's 46 yrs old, and he'll be taking a hit money-wise with this fight being on Spike(although I'm sure he'll be compensated somehow). But to get a title shot after losing his last two at heavyweight, granted against two top 5 heavyweights, by beating Brandon Vera? I'm sure Couture vs. the winner of Shogun/Machida would do well PPV wise, but I think he should at least have to beat a top ten LHW first. What say you?