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Dan Henderson: "I Want To Stay In The UFC"

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We mentioned that Dan Henderson was a free agent last week, and at the time it was said that negotiations were 'slow' in regards to Henderson re-signing with the promotion.  Some folk began to speculate that Henderson may go to the UFC's rival promotion Strikeforce, but Henderson cleared all of that up as he spoke to MMAFanhouse:

"I'm holding firm for what I think I deserve," Henderson said. "I think I've earned that."

Dan Henderson is trying to use the little leverage he has to get a better deal money wise, as well as a fight with Anderson Silva.  However,  the talk is that the UFC wants Dan Henderson to re-sign with the organization to fight Nate Marquardt at UFC 105.  But, now it's being reported that Randy Couture will face Brandon Vera in the main event of UFC 105.  So if that comes to fruition, then that pretty much negates all of Henderson's bargaining power in my opinion.  He reportedly wants more than the 100K to show and 150K win bonus he secured after knocking out Michael Bisping at UFC 100.  The only problem with that is he's now 39 years old, he's not a very good PPV draw, and the UFC has a legitimate contender in Nate Marquardt if Henderson tries to play too much hardball.  However, Henderson seems as though he's willing to work with the UFC if they meet him halfway:

"If they sign me I'll fight who they want me to fight," Henderson said. "Even if I get Silva now, after I beat him Marquardt would be the top contender, so I'd have to fight him next. Beat him now or beat him later, it doesn't matter. I'll have to fight Marquardt eventually."  "It all depends on Anderson Silva," Henderson said. "If he's not going to fight until April, I don't want to wait that long. But I'll do what I have to do to fight him." 

Henderson ended the conversation on this note though:

"I'm getting in shape like I'm going to fight," Henderson said. "I want to stay in the UFC."