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What Up Peoples, I'm Back!

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Ha!  You may have already noticed that I'm back from my short lived vacation.  The wife and I had a GREAT time, got to see some different things.  I even ran into a guy I went to college with all the way in the Bahamas, so that was a cool experience.  It had been about a decade since I had seem dude last.  I hope you all enjoyed the material I was able to put together before I bounced.  I want to thank Charles, Rich, and Matt for their contributions while I was away.  Also, a huge thanks to MMA4Real reader 3PA who absolutely tore it up in the fanposts/fanshots sections!  For those of you wanting to make contributions to MMA4Real, just follow his lead as he's doing a great job of posting news and adding his own commentary.  I know I missed a lot of information in the past 4 days or so, so I'll be busy catching up on that and whatnot.  Also, we'll be gearing up for UFN 19, the premier of TUF 10, and UFC 103 this coming weekend this week.  So it'll be a busy week, and make sure you make MMA4Real your home for all things MMA.