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This Week In MMA Link Dump

Of course as you are reading this, I'm in the Bahamas chillin right now!  Yea, I'd hate me as well...haha.  Anyways, there were some news of note this week in the MMA World.  Most notably, the UFC signing a network TV deal in the United Kingdom.  We have another MMA fighter trying to become a movie star.  There were also quite a few fights that were verbally agreed upon by some fighters, not to mention just some good old fashioned discussion posts.  Feel free to check'em out below and leave your thoughts:

UFC Lands Network Television Deal In The United Kingdom - MMA For Real
 The UFC continues it's worldwide expansion for mixed martial arts.

Strikeforce Is To Blame For Overeem Not Defending His Strikeforce Title? - MMA For Real

Gina Carano Wins Starring Role In A Movie - MMA For Real
Carano will star as a female that's given a second chance to put her fighting skills to good use.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson off of UFC 107 card! - MMA For Real
Rampage Jackson will persue the starring role in the A-Team remake, and fight Rashad Evans in early 2010.

Marcus Davis vs. Ben Saunders At UFC 106 - MMA For Real
UFC welterweight Marcus Davis will fight Ben Saunders At UFC 106

Matt Hamill (6-2) and Jon Jones (8-0) have verbally agreed to fight at the The Ultimate Fighter 10... - MMA For Real

Should Fighter's Who Sucker Punch Opponents Be Subject To Fines And/Or Suspensions? - MMA For Real