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MMA4Real Presents: MMA's Forgotten Moves Part 5(Defending The Head)

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It's been a while since I've done a part of this series, in part because I'm having trouble locating the .gif's I need to really illustrate what I'd like to write about.  So if any of you are good at making .gif's, holla at me or educate me so I can make them!  In this part of the series, I wanted to emphasize Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's ability to defend his head with a couple of techniques.  I think he is probably the best at this, if only he could figure out how to defend those leg kicks!  We often see fighters keep both their hands down, or have their lead hand down with the power hand by their chin.  However, when an opponent is swarming on Rampage he uses his entire arm from the hands to the elbows and forearms as part of his defense.  Check out the .gif below where Rampage KO's Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92:

Quinton Rampage Jackson KTFO Wanderlei Silva UFC 92

You see that the .gif starts with Rampage keeping both of his arms tight to his ears/head with the top of his head(the hardest part of the head) exposed while maintaining eye contact on Silva.  This allows Jackson the opportunity to defend himself while looking for the appropriate time to counter.  Also, notice how the defensive technique Jackson implements just allows him to roll into that left hook?  So essentially it's a defensive technique that puts you into a prime counter position if used correctly.  Jackson used the same technique against Chuck Liddell at UFC 71, except he landed a right hand instead of the left.  We know that both instances a win via KO was the result.  Lots more after the jump including using Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for a technique that helps defend the head(and we thought Nogueira was just a ground guy!) 

Rampage knocks down Keith Jardine

This isn't the .gif that I wanted, but I suppose it'll have to do as it does implore a defensive technique as well.  The above .gif is a great illustration of Jackson using a parry with his left hand/arm to counter with a straight right/left hook combination that rocks Jardine.  The .gif that I wanted was a moment in this particular fight in which Jardine had Jackson up against the cage and was unloading on his with punches.  Jackson was able to use the technique in the first .gif to absorb the majority of the punches on his arms and elbows.  Check out another technique below:


This technique is basically called slipping the jab.  You probably remember watching Rocky V and Balboa was teaching Tommy Gunn this technique.  Where he was teaching him to move his head from side to side like a windshield wiper?  The above .gif is from UFC 102 and we have Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira slipping the jab of Randy Couture.  Couture fails to keep his right hand up by his chin, which allows Nogueira to counter with the left while staying in the pocket to win the exchange.  The way he slipped that jab was a thing of beauty.  I know that MMA guys can't use it quite as much as boxers due to the threat of head kicks and knees, but it should be used

Oh, and just for good of the best staredowns ever:

Wanderlei Silva and Quinton Jackson stare down

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HT: MMACore for the .gifs