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Amateur Fight League: Fight To The Finish VII

The Amateur Fight League promotion will be presenting their 7th installment of the Fight To The Finish Series in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on September 26th.  The event will feature close to 20 fights with undefeated fighters Daniel Skipper(2-0) and Zed Mitchell(3-0) on the card.  You can purchase your tickets for the event here.  The doors open at 5:30pm with the first fight beginning at 7pm. The entire fight card can be found after the jump:

  • Wayne Hunter(1-1) vs. Mike Kellar(0-1)
  • Zed Mitchell(3-0) vs. Joshua Munden(1-1)
  • Nick Tellez(1-6) vs. John White(2-1)
  • Eric Martindale(0-6) vs. Mark Franklin(1-0)
  • Gabriel Figueroa-Vega(2-1) vs. Steve Bontatibus(0-0)
  • Jamie Pickett(2-2) vs. Kelly Wilkins(0-1)
  • Bryan Reynolds(0-1) vs. Todd Vik(0-1)
  • Donald Tinsley(0-0) vs. Travis Searcy(0-0)
  • Steve Chinners(0-1) vs. Christian Brunetti(1-0)
  • Johnathan Thomas(0-1) vs. Kyle Brown(0-0)
  • Stephen Henkel(0-0) vs. Billy Frezza(0-0)
  • Jason Ramos(1-2) vs. Teruo Mays(1-0)
  • Richard Riggins II(0-3) vs. Aaron Weeks(0-0)
  • Nick Morrison(0-0) vs. David Griffin(0-1)
  • Daniel Skipper(2-0) vs. Robert Smith(0-0)
  • James Crumpler(1-1) vs. Clint Starnes(0-0)
  • Christopher Cain(4-2) vs. William Devotie(0-0)
  • Lindsey Ormsbee(1-3) vs. Nick Smith(0-0)
  • Jonathan Cornett(1-0) vs. TBD
  •  Gina Elko(0-0) vs. Ashley Nee(1-0)