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MMA4Real Reader Google Map

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You Can View The Global Scale Here

Red Markers=MMA4Real Staff Members

Yellow Markers=MMA Fighters That Are Members Of The MMA4Real Community

Blue Markers=MMA4Real Members That Have Made At Least One Comment

There are quite a few of you members that I didn't have a location for, so I couldn't add you to the map.  If you would like to be added to the map, just drop your location and/or zip code in the comments section.  I saw this at another site, and thought it would be cool to see where our readership comes from.  Obviously, we are pretty heavy on the east coast, but we have some west coast in there as well.  The mid-west is bare than a mofo though, so you need to come join us if you are lurking from the midwest!  Our foreign readers are visible on the global map, so I didn't forget about you or at least the ones I had information for.  If you are looking at this on the global scale, you can click on a marker and the MMA4Real screen name of that person will appear.  If you live in close proximity to someone, you all may be able to get together for some events or whatever. Which would be ideal since there are so many event now, and that can drain a bank account rather quickly.  Give me your thoughts on this, if you think it's wack, cool, or whatever.  Who knows, we may be able to do a MMA4Real get together or something in the future.  Also, if you have moved from the information you gave when you joined the community, let me know and I'll correct it.