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Sean Sherk Is Really Injured And Didn't Dodge A Drug Test

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A lot of speculation began to surround Sean Sherk after it was rumored that he had skipped a drug test in Los Angeles, California for his UFC 104 bout against Gleison Tibau.  Reports were that Sherk was injured and had to pull out of the fight, but many started to speculate that Sherk was trying to dodge a drug test.  That's not the case according to Sherk via Sherdog:

Sherk’s injury was scrutinized, however, when it was reported that he had been scheduled to take a drug test with the California State Athletic Commission required for his re-licensure that same week.

The injury is painfully real, according to medical documents received by

Sherk suffered a "Grade II AC separation" in his right shoulder, according to an MRI report prepared by the Center for Diagnostic Imaging in St. Louis Park, Minn.

You can click here to read Sherk's MRI report. 

Sherk again made the case for himself:

"I’m not dodging a drug test," Sherk told Monday. "I just took a drug test three months ago. I know I’m going to get drug tested. I’ve been drug tested probably more than any other fighter in the world."

Sherk also revealed that he's been tested 7 times within the last 15 months, and apparently he has passed all those tests.  So it's one of three things when it comes to Sherk and steroids.  He either took them and got caught, he took a tainted supplement and didn't know it, or he didn't take them.  I'll lleave it up to you to decide which scenario you think is correct.