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I'll Be Away For Few Days On Vacation

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What up my fellow MMA4Real heads?  I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I'll be away from the site for a few days.  The wife and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on September 2nd, and with the birth of our firstborn last year...we didn't really have a vacation so to speak.  So as you are reading this, we are probably on a plane down to Florida(Port Canaveral) to catch the cruise ship.  We'll be heading back to the Bahamas(we first went in 05') for a little get away and time to relax and whatnot.  I must say if you've never been on a cruise, it's one of the best vacations you can choose to do, plus it's pretty affordable.  You have everything you need right on the boat, food 24/7, drinks, gambling, clubs, and all other types of stuff.  Well, I'll have everything except access to you all here on the site.  No worries though, the site will be in capable hands with the staff here.  Also, I have already written a TON of stuff in advance so make sure you keep checking the site for updates and what not as I have the posts scheduled to post at different times.  Make sure to be on the lookout for the MMA4Real Reader Google map, as that should be interesting.  As well as the updated divisional rankings.  We'll be arriving back home on Sunday evening/night, and I'll check back in with you all then if I'm not too exhausted.  I might just post a couple of pictures or something when I get back. Take care and make sure you take advantage of the fanposts/fanshots sections in my absence to post breaking news and/or anything interesting in regards to MMA.