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MMA4Real's September Middleweight MMA Rankings

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1. Anderson Silva

2. Nate Marquardt

3. Dan Henderson

4. Yushin Okami

5. Yoshihiro Akiyama

6. Jorge Santiago

7. Robbie Lawler

8. Chael Sonnen

9. Demian Maia

10. Vitor Belfort

Quick Notes:

-#2 Nate Marquardt leap frogs #3 Dan Henderson with his highlight reel KO of top ten fighter Demian Maia.

-#4 Yushin Okami will take on #8 Chael Sonnen on the undercard of UFC 104.

-#10 Vitor Belfort will take on highly ranked LHW Rich Franklin at UFC 103, at a catchweight of 195lbs.

-I only dropped Maia one spot with the loss to Marquardt, simply because the fight ended so quickly.