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MMA4Real Sets Traffic Record For 6th Consecutive Month

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One of our readers asked me about this on yesterday.  So I figured if one of our readers cared enough to ask how we were doing traffic wise, I could at least keep the MMA4Real community up to date.  Mostly it was due to me being completely swamped in work, and/or doing something to contribute to the site.  I'm very proud to announce that we once again surpassed the old traffic record/page views record for the 6th month in a row.  We increased our visits by 43% over the previous month, and increased our page views by 40% over the previous month.  If we compare last month to the very first full month that MMA4Real joined SBN.  Our visits have increased 441% compared to an increase of 325% pageviews wise. 

So we here at MMA4Real would like to thank all of you that choose to visit us each and everyday.  We would truly be nothing without you guys and gals!  Also, if you are still lurking(there are a ton of you) go head and cross over to the family by joining the community here.  Here's a step by step guide on how to do it.  It only takes a couple minutes tops, and you can add your own opinions and insights about the great sport that we love in the comments section as well as the fanposts/fanshots section.  Also, make sure you follow us on Twitter, add us on Myspace, and become a fan of the site on Facebook

I'd also like to mention that you should definitely become a fan of the official podcast of MMA4Real, The Lights Out Radio Show hosted by Matt Bishop and Neil Wagner.  I'd also like to thank Charles Walker, Rich Wyatt, and Matt Bishop for all of their contributions in helping me make this site what it is.  So again, thanks for checking us out and check out some other ways you can help contribute to the success of MMA4Real.