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Report: Forrest Griffin NOT Injured In UFC 101 Fight Against Anderson Silva

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MMAWeekly with the news:

Reports surfaced on Sunday that Griffin had suffered a jaw injury and that was the reason for his hasty exit, but was able to confirm with representatives from Zinkin Entertainment, Griffin's management group, that he is physically fine following the Saturday night fight.

Griffin suffered no broken jaw and he is physically okay, said the Zinkin representative, but emotionally he is definitely not dealing well with the loss

Wow.  I admit that I believed the reports of Forrest suffering an injury to his jaw after watching him run away from the cage like that.  Once he got caught with the final punch that put him down, Forrest waved to the referee that he was basically done.  The punch looked like a jab, and Forrest seemed coherent while on the mat.  Did Forrest Griffin basically just quit against Anderson Silva?

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