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WEC 42 Results: Brian Bowles Defeats Miguel Torres via TKO In Round 1 To Become New WEC Bantamweight Champion

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The fight starts and they feel one another out.  Both fighters are really cautious right now.  Torres with a couple of leg kicks.  Bowles lands a big right hand that stuns Torres.  Torres responds and tags Bowles a couple of times.  They clinch and Bowles gets the take down.  Good elbow from Bowles from Torres full guard.  Torres with two upkicks that land.  Torres back to his feet.  Bowles with left hook that partially lands.  Torres presses the action and lands several punches that stun Bowles.  Bowles retreats and throws a right hand that hits Torres behind the ear.  Torres goes down.  Bowles pounces and lands several shots, Torres trying to defend.  BIG left lands and Torres is out but takes several shots before the referee stops the fight.  Bowles defeats Miguel Torres via TKO round 1 and is the new WEC Bantamweight champion.

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