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WEC 42 Results: Danny Castillo Defeats Ricardo Lamas via TKO in Round 2

The first round starts and they start out cautious with feints.  Castillo with a nice combo that paritially lands.  Lamas with a nice jab.  Another jab.  A big right partially lands for Castillo and a wild head kick from Lamas.  Good leg kick from Lamas.  Good leg kick from Castillo...another and Lamas returns one.  Castillo wings a wild left hook and misses.  Lamas with a combo and head kick that partially lands.  Castillo with a nice combo that lands.  Good leg kick from Lamas.  Nice left right combo from Castillo.  They clinch and Castillo with knees with Lamas against the cage.  They seperate.  Lamas with a jab and a leg kick.  Another leg kick lands for Lamas as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Castillo opens with a wild left and lands a leg kick.  Another leg kick.  A wild exchange and Lamas wins the exhange.  Castillo feints the take down...then shoots half heartedly unsuccessfully.  Lamas with a stiff jab.  Good leg kick lands for Castillo.  Lamas answers.  Lamas with a good right hand.  Castillo shoots and Lamas defends.  Castillo with a good right.  Lamas with a good leg kick.  Good right hand lands for Castillo.  Leg kick lands for Lamas.  Good combo for Castillo and Lamas answers with a punch.  Castillo with another combo that partially lands.  Good right lands for Castillo.  They trade punches.  Castillo lands a BIG right hand that drops Lamas.  Castillo follows up with punches and the referee stops the fight.  Castillo wins via TKO in Rd. 2.

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