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WEC 42 Results: Leonard Garcia defeats Jameel Massouh via Split Decision

The fight starts and they trade jabs but both seem to be very cautious.  Massouh with a good leg kick but Garcia lands a big right.  Massouh with another good leg kick and Garcia throws a jab.  Another leg kick from Massouh, and Garcia is trying to counter those with big overhand rights.  Garcia lands a HUGE right hand and drops Massouh.  Garcia hesitates but pounces on Massouh...Massouh in survival mode.  Massouh is gathering himself and gets back to his feet.  Garcia is winging haymakers and Massouh clinches.  Massouh with a takedown and moves into Garcia's half guard.  Massouh is dropping good elbows on Garcia from half guard and Garcia gets full guard back.  Massouh is staying busy from the top but not doing much damage as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Massouh throws and misses a leg kick.  He lands a hard one and Garcia lands a big right.  Garcia with a guillotine attempt, but Massouh defends nicely.   Garcia rolling for an armbar and Massouh defends.  Massouh in Garcia's half guard staying busy and Garcia is active from the bottom.  Massouh is rolling for a Darce choke, but Garcia gets back to his feet but the choke is still locked in.  Massouh lets the choke go and goes to take Garcia's back.  They seperate and take the center of the cage, Garcia looks winded.  Good body kick from Garcia.  A big right glances off Massouh's chin and Massouh throws a leg kick.  They clinch against the cage..good knee from Massouh.  The finish the round clinched against the cage.

The third round starts and Garcia throws a head kick that is partially blocked.  Garcia throwing big punches but comes up empty and Massouh with a leg kick.  Good body kick from Massouh.  Good leg kick from Garcia.  Garcia wings a big right hand that lands partially.  Superman punch from Massouh lands and he immediately clinches with Garcia.  They seperate.  Garcia with another big right and a left that lands partially.  Another left/right combo.  A spinning side kick partially lands for Garcia.  Leg kick from Massouh lands.  A left hook from Garcia lands and he missed a big overhand right.  A body kick lands for Massouh.  The clinch against the cage.  Good knee from Garcia lands.  A nice combo lands for Massouh.  Garcia with a mortal kombat uppercut that misses.  A good left right combo lands twice for Garcia.  Massouh doubles up on the leg kick and they swing wildly as the bell sounds.  Leonard Garcia defeats Jameel Massouh via Split Decision. 

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