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WEC 42 Results: Takeya Mizugaki defeats Jeff Curran via Split Decision

The round starts and Mizugaki with a good leg kick.  Another good leg kick that's caught by Curran and Curran presses Mizugaki up against the cage.  Mizugaki defending the take down well.  Very good take down defense from Mizugaki as Curran tries for another take down.  Mizugaki with elbows to the body of Curran.  The action slows against the cage as Curran is still going for the take down unsuccessfully.  Curran with a good knee in the clinch as they stand back up against the cage.  Mizugaki reverses Curran on the take down attempt and lands in Curran's full guard.  Mizugaki postures up and unleashes some GnP.  Curran rolls for an arm bar and misses it but sweeps Mizugaki and takes his back for a split second.  Mizugaki quickly reverses though and winds up in Currans half guard.  Curran with butterfly guard now and that's where the action ends in the first round.

The second round starts and Curran lands a big right hand.  Mizugaki with a nice leg kick.  Curran with a nice leg kick.  Curran with a side kick that partially lands.  Curran with a head kick that partially lands.  They trade punches evenly.  Mizugaki clinchs and puts Curran against the cage.  Mizugaki with double underhooks and takes Curran down to the ground.  Mizugaki postures and lands some nice GnP.  Curran controlling Mizugaki's head now.  Mizugaki with more GnP and Curran is active from the bottom.  Mizugaki passes to half guard, but Curran resorts to butterfly guard and now back in Curran's full guard.  Curran with a guillotine attempt.  Mizugaki looks to be ok at the moment.  Curran is cranking on the choke as the bell sounds.

The third and final round starts and they trade punches.  Curran shoots for a take down but it's stuffed.  They trade knees in the clinch.  Mizugaki with a take down as he had double underhooks.  Curran is throwing up his legs for a triangle and Mizugaki defends.  Curran lands some shots from his back.  Curran with elbows from the bottom.  Good elbows from Mizugaki.  Curran attempts to sweep Mizugaki but is unsuccessful.  Curran is striking from the bottom.  Curran with a triangle and an armbar.  Mizugaki defends...Curran is mounted on Mizugaki with the triangle locked in.  Mizugaki defends and rolls with the triangle still locked in.  Mizugaki is defending as the bell sounds.  Takeya Mizugaki defeats Jeff Curran via Split Decision.

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