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Anderson Silva To Give Up UFC Middleweight Title For Permanent Move To Light Heavyweight?

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That seems like a real possibility according to what happened at the UFC post-fight press conference between Dana White, Ed Soares(Silva's Manager), and Anderson Silva according to Yahoo sports:

That Silva could move up a weight class and not just win, but destroy with power, was a game-changing and perhaps UFC-altering moment. That’s what Silva and his manager, Ed Soares, wanted to discuss with White.

With his arm wrapped around White’s shoulder, Soares leaned in and delivered a proposition. "Spider" Silva would move permanently to light heavyweight, even if it meant the unorthodox move of giving up his middleweight belt.

"I can do that," White smiled, a bit stunned at the offer. "I like that. We can do that."

Soares smiled and shook White’s hand.

"I can do that," White smiled, a bit stunned at the offer. "I like that. We can do that."

"I’d let him," White said later, sitting in his quiet dressing room. "We’d put [the middleweight title] up for grabs."

Silva’s next title defense was supposed to be against Dan Henderson, who Silva savagely choked out in March 2008.

"Who knows," White said, wheels already spinning. "We’ll see what happens. In the talks I’ve had with Anderson, he wants to take on the best in the world. He’s the most talented fighter in the world, the best pound for pound fighter and it’s a joke to say anyone else is. And he wants to continue to prove [it]."

White thought for a moment.

"He would jump in that mix [at the top of the light heavyweight division]," White said. "You’ve got Rashad [Evans], you’ve got Rampage [Jackson], [Lyoto] Machida is the champion. And Tito [Ortiz] is in the mix now."

However, before we get all giddy about a potential Lyoto Machida/Anderson Silva fight, Silva was quick to point out that he wouldn't fight Machida as he has said on many occasions.  However, Dana White said he would make that fight happen:

"I’ll make it happen," White said winking his eye. "It’s not even about money. It’s about proving you’re the best, it’s about securing your place in history. It’s about putting on a super fight that fans want to see.

"I’m all about making big fights that fans want to see."

I've been real vocal about Anderson Silva moving up to LHW ever since the Cote fight and last night's thrashing of the former UFC light heavyweight champion only strengthened that stance.  Silva has three fights left on his current contract, and he shouldn't be wasting those fights on fighters he has already beaten or guys that have absolutely no shot at winning. 


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