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UFC 101 Results: BJ Penn Submits Kenny Florian via Rear Naked Choke In Round 4

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 The first round starts and they try to feel one another out.  Nothing really major happens in the first minute or so of the fight as they are both cautious.  Kenny Florian's corner is yelling out that BJ Penn is getting tired already.  Nothing really major is happening...Florian lands a good leg kick.  BJ Penn lands big knees at the end of the round and Florian avoids further damage.

The second round starts with Florian's corner yelling out instructions and Florian lands a good leg kick.  Florian going for take downs but Penn is having none of it.  Florian misses a nasty elbow, and Penn lands a punch in the back of Florian's head unintentionally.  Florian pressing Penn up against the cage, and Penn lands a uppercut.  Florian lands another leg kick.  The bell for the end of the round sounds.

The third round starts and Florian is pressing for the take down and lands some knees.  Florian landing some body shots and drops down for another take down up against the cage.  Florian seems to be imploring a strategy similar to GSP at UFC 94.  BJ Penn lands a good uppercut and Florian breaks free.  They exchange with both landing.  Florian lands a leg kick as his corner yells instructions.  Penn lands a knee and Florian presses Penn back up against the cage.  Penn switches...lands and Florian backs away.  Florian lands a superman punch and Penn lands as the bell sounds.

The fourth round starts and Florian comes forward and is tagged.  Penn lands an uppercut and gets a take down on Florian...looks to pass to Florian's half guard.  Penn is still in Florian's half guard but lands some shots on Florian.  Penn gains the mount position and takes Florian's back.  Penn looking for the RNC...Florian is trying to defend.  Florian taps and BJ Penn remains the UFC Lightweight champion. 

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