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UFC 101 Results: Aaron Riley Defeats Shane Nelson via Unanimous Decision

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The round starts as both fighters feel one another out.  Riley lands a couple of good shots and Nelson stumbles against the cage.  Riley is attacked heavily, but Nelson seems to be defending decently.  Nelson lands a good punch and starts to be aggressive and they clinch against the cage.  Riley lands a couple of good knees from the clinch position and presses Nelson against the cage.  The round comes to an end.

The 2nd round starts and Riley opens with a headkick.  Riley the aggressor with knees to the body and seems to be imposing his will on Shane Nelson.  Riley with a take down into side control and throwing elbows to Nelson's head.  Nelson trying to survive being pinned up against the cage and regains full guard on Riley.  The referee stands them up.  The fighters exhange wild punches/kicks as the end of the round nears with Riley getting the better of the exchange.

The 3rd round starts and Nelson looks winded as Riley lands a combination.  A winded Nelson just falls to the ground from the clinch and is exhausted with Riley landing an elbow.  A fight breaks out in the crowd(those wild Philly fans!) and Riley is dismantling Nelson.  Riley wins the unanimous decision.

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