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WEC 42 Preview: Brian Bowles Makes His Case To Dethrone Miguel Torres

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 Brian Bowles speaks to cbssports:

I think my punching power is something that has just come natural to me.  I've always enjoyed the stand-up. It's not something that I've really worked on. It's just something that has come to me naturally.

Here lately, the hardest hitter I've seen him go up against was Takeya Mizugaki. Other than that I haven't really seen [anyone] he's been in there with that hits like I do.  I think my wrestling is going to allow me to dictate where the fight ends up. 

I definitely don't see him shooting on me and taking me down. I think the wrestling will definitely play to my advantage, but I think the overall skills, and the fact that I'm really well-rounded is going to give him some problems.

Brian Bowles and Miguel Torres will be the main event of WEC 42, be sure to join us here on Sunday night for the open thread and discussion.  The event will air LIVE on the Versus channel at 9pm EST.  This should be a war, so how do you see this fight going?  Will Bowles be able to dethrone the champ, or will the dominance of Torres continue?

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