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Dana White: "There’s Definitely Not Enough Talent For The ‘Tuesday Night Fights’ Type Show."

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UFC president Dana White answered some questions from some UFC Fight Club members, and below is some of the things he touched on:

  • "On WEC/UFC merger: They’re talking about it"
  • "We just started really cultivating Brazil." Hired a PR firm there, has a TV deal and ratings are "awesome."
  • On Wanderlei Silva’s next fight: Likely for England in October.
  • On having a weekly show right now: "There’s definitely not enough talent for the ‘Tuesday Night Fights’ type show."
  • On Tito Ortiz’s first fight since returning: Tito vs. Mark Coleman is set.

When I first saw the statement about the WEC/UFC merger possibility, I immediately went to "I wonder if that is a prelude to a weekly show" type of thing.  I'm not sure how I feel about about a WEC/UFC merger, but the positives probably outweigh the negatives.  At least those WEC stars would get better pay, and UFC cards could potentially be more stacked.  The other factor is that with WEC 42 and UFC 101 on back to back nights, the WEC seems to be getting swamped with all the noise surrounding UFC 101 and the beginning of the war with Strikeforce.  Which is unfortunate, because that WEC 42 show has potential to be lights outlike our official podcast.  Give us your thoughts on a potential WEC/UFC merger.

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