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Elite Championship Cage Fighting 8 On August 22nd In Lenoir, North Carolina

Elite Championship Cage Fighting 8 will be hitting Lenoir, North Carolina, with a huge card for all of you local fans.  The event will see Brian Whitaker defend his title and put his undefeated record on the line against undefeated Timothy Marcum Jr.  Undefeated fighters Casey Johnson(5-0), Andrew Brinton(3-0), and Colby Watson(3-0) will also be in action.  The fight card is as follows:

  • Tommy McMillian(0-0) vs. Zach Poole(0-0)
  • Patrick Keeney(0-0) vs. JJ Brantley(0-0)
  • Bradley Essick(3-1) vs. Casey Johnson(5-0)
  • Jeremy Harris(1-1) vs. Jacob Johnson(1-1)
  • Kristen Trull(1-1) vs. Ashley Nee(0-0)
  • Randall Williams(0-1) vs. Luis Gamez(0-1)
  • Gary Wingfield(0-0) vs. TBD
  • Andrew Brinton(3-0) vs. William Metts(4-1)
  • Michael Turner(3-1) vs. Colby Watson(3-0)
  • Joshua Pope(1-0) vs. TBD
  • Jason Threatt(1-0) vs. Ben Rickman(0-0)
  • Travis Cook(2-1) vs. Mike Osborne(2-2)
  • Scott Fierle(1-0) vs. Josh Parker(0-2)
  • Larry Baron(0-0) vs. TBD
  • Timothy Marcum Jr.(2-0) vs. Brian Whitaker(4-0)
  • Adam DeHart(4-2) vs. Wesley Jones(0-0)
  • Michael Alford(0-1) vs. Levi Horn(0-0)
  • Kearey Winston(0-0) vs. Kris Kennedy(0-0)
  • Patrick Fansler(0-0) vs. TBD
  • D'Juan Owens(3-2) vs. Jacob Allman(2-0)
  • Archie Ford(1-0) vs. Robert Duvall(0-0)
  • Michael Brown(0-0) vs. Stanley Gromala(0-0)
  • Derek Scott(0-0) vs. David Holder(0-0)