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UFC 101 Results: Kurt Pellegrino Beats Josh Neer Via Unanimous Decision

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 It was the night of takedowns and control for Kurt Pellegrino, who was able to stay clear of Josh Neer's very active guard to win a unanimous decision at UFC 101.  The first round saw both fighters playing a game of what seemed like a game of chess early, but Pellegrino maintained top position after a takedown to take the round. 

The second round saw both fighters opening up with exchanges, and Pellegrino gaining the takedown again.  Neer was very active from the bottom going for triangle chokes and armbars, only to be stiffled by Pellegrino who is a very accomplished grappler in his own right.  Pellegrino was able to do some damage with hammerfists and briefly mounted Neer near the end of the round. 

The third round was more of the same with Pellegrino catching a Neer kick to obtain the takedown, with Neer using a very active guard.  Pellegrino kept transitioning from half-guard to guard and then got the mount position late in the round again.  However, Neer was able to reverse and end up in top position throwing elbows as the round ends.  However, in the end it wasn't enough as Pellegrino was able to do enough to win each round on the judges score cards.

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