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UFC 101 Results: Ricardo Almeida Beats Kendall Grove Via Unanimous Decision

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This fight started out with Almeida going for the takedown immediately as that's his biggest strength in getting this fight to the ground.  However, Grove was able to stuff the take down attempt and then they seperated from the clinch position.  Almeida lands a couple of good punches as the action slows.  Then Almeida is able to finally get the take down.  Almeida executed some good short punches and eats an elbow from Grove.  Almeida moves to side control only to have Grove get back up to his feet, only to be slammed hard on the mat by Almeida.

The second round saw Almeida shoot for a take down immediately and successfully gets it.  Grove with a VERY close armbar attempt and Almeida BARELY escaped and ended up in Groves full guard.  Grove did some damage with elbows from the bottom with Almeida offering little offense.  Almeida passes to half guard only to be pulled back into Grove's full guard.  Almeida finally unleashes some offense from the top and passes Grove's guard.  Almeida landed some big shots as Grove gets back to his feet.  Almeida was able to get a take down as the round ended.

The third round starts and Almeida lands a couple of leg kicks.  Almeida catches a kick from Grove and lands a take down, but Grove gets back to his feet quickly.  Almeida looked gassed and tried to pull guard, but Grove has none of it.  Almeida lands a good right hand and they clinch as the action slowed.  Almeida with another take down and lands in Grove's guard again.  The announcers are REALLY pro-Grove even though it's clear he is losing this fight.  The fight slows to a crawl as the end of the round nears.  Ricardo Almeida wins the fight via unanimous decision.

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