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Scott Coker: Fedor Emelianenko Will Fight In October or Mid-November

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Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker talks with MMAFanhouse:

When will Fedor's first Strikeforce fight be, and will it definitely be a title fight? You mentioned that he's M-1's champion. Does that mean he could be in a five-round title fight even if it's not against Overeem?
That's still being negotiated with M-1. But he has agreed to fight, and agreed to fight in the cage -- I was wondering if he'd say he wanted to fight in the ring after seeing how guys like Mirko Cro Cop struggled in the cage. But we'll see about the number of rounds and the opponent in October.

So they would actually change their whole format of fighting in a cage to accomodate Fedor if he wanted to fight in a ring?

He also had this little dig at the UFC:

Will Fedor's debut definitely be in October?
October or by mid-November, for sure. And it'll be free with your Showtime subscription, so you don't have to pay $44.95 or $54.95.


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