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Quoteworthy: Philadelphia Commissioner Says Philly Fans Will Boo Your "B" Game

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To Wit:

I want to tell the fighters, this ain't Las Vegas or New Jersey, this is Philly," he said. "You can have great fights in Las Vegas, no disrespect, and great fights in New Jersey, no disrespect. This is Philly. It's a little different. People are going to expect it. You bring your A-game, they'll bring their A-game. You bring your B-game, and they'll bring their B-game. The B-game is you know what. They'll boo you no matter what here if you bring your B-game

I'm not a fan of fans booing the fighters unless they are out there getting their Kalib Starnes on at UFC 83.  I'll be honest, because I was booing my 42" tv screen that night as well during his fight with Nate Quarry.  Usually it's Dana White urging his fighters to go out there and let it all hang out, so you know it's serious when the commissioner makes it a point to describe how the Philly fans are!  I expect that they'll be some serious fireworks this weekend. 

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