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How Many PPV Buys Will UFC 101 Do?

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I've been thinking about this event and how well it will do PPV wise. It's the first UFC event on the east coast in quite some time, the first show in Philly, the ratings for the UFC 101 countdown show came it above average at around 805,000 viewers. That show was well done by the way. The show will do a record gate for the state of Pennsylvania. I suppose you have to factor in some trickle in regards to the first time buyers at UFC 100. Which means some of those first time buyers may take another stab at it with UFC 101. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports is claiming this show is going to do over 1 million buys. I don't know if he got that number from insiders at Zuffa, or if that's just his own projection. I've read some of the tweets from some of the fighters that have arrived in Philly, and they are saying the city is electric. We have Forrest Griffin on the card, who's a moderate PPV draw. I don't think this show will do one million buys, but I do think it'll do somewhere around 600K. What say you?

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