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BJ Penn: "It's Just My Opinion That George St. Pierre Uses Steroids"

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Remember when I told yall a couple of days ago that BJ Penn still hadn't gotten over the beating that GSP laid on him at UFC 94?  Remember when I told yall way back when that that beating was going to play a hand in Kenny Florian beating him?  Well, check this out.

BJ Penn states that he believes that GSP uses steroids in a recent interview with Kevin Iole:

It’s just my opinion that he uses steroids.  That’s it.

My opinion. I do believe it. I can’t hand you any proof, but that’s my opinion.”

“In my opinion, he doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to steroids and growth hormones and that stuff. Look at him. He’s the worst. He looks like that every day. That’s cheating. There is a reason why there are rules against using steroids. The rest of us, we get fat, then we train and get skinny and the cycle goes over and over again. He looks the same way all the time. Come on.”

Listen, it's one thing to be a sore loser, but to come out and say something of this magnitude with NO prove whatsoever is just retarded.  It further proves the points I was making earlier, in that I think Penn is overlooking Kenny Florian.  Give me your thoughts on this?

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