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Jorge Santiago Talks Affliction Cancellation And Return To Sengoku

Jorge Santiago speaks to

The preparation for this fight was excellent, I was very excited. I know it wouldn’t be an easy fight, and that is why I dedicated my maximum in my trainings", he said, recalling the moment he received the news of the cancellation of the fight. "When I received the news, on Friday morning, it was as if someone throws a bucket of cold water... I remember I was training when the phone rang. I stopped the training at the same time, I couldn’t believe it. I was training like a madman, I almost reached the overtraining, a month before the fight, because of the much that I wanted to train... In the end I didn’t even want to train, I only wanted to fight"

Santiago speaks on where he'll fight next:

With the end of the Affliction, it was more difficult my return to fight in the U.S. for now, because the other American events that were interested in my contract would require exclusivity

So Santiago will have to fulfill his Sengoku contract before being able to field offers from the UFC and/or Strikeforce it seems.  He's been on quite a roll as of late reeling off 9 victories in a row, with all of them being stoppages of some kind.  It looks as if he'll be taking on Kazuo Misaki in his next match up, which will be a re-match in which Santiago won the first go round.