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UFC 101 Preview: Making The Case For Forrest Griffin To Upset Anderson Silva

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Frank Mir basically makes the case himself:

The one thing that maybe could be a wrench in [Silva's] machine and his style, is that he is so great of a counter fighter. He’s so skilled with these movements. If I could pick a guy that could beat him, it’s a guy that could rough him up. Okay, fight ugly, fight mean, come forward. Are you gonna take a shot or two?

Don’t ever take the pressure off this guy. You can’t play cat and mouse with him. I don’t think anyone in MMA could sit there and play kick for kick, punch for punch, and use footwork and head work and come out on the winning end against Anderson.

So, if I did have to pick a guy, I would pick Forrest. He has a high work ethic, [he's a] bigger guy, very aggressive, very strong and well-rounded.

The only thing I question about Forrest Griffin is his ability to take those one or two shots from Anderson Silva. I do agree that Griffin has the size and style to win this fight. He doesn't want to stand and trade with Silva that's for sure. He doesn't want to use those leg kicks he used against Rampage Jackson either. He'll get the James Irvin treatment if he goes to the well with those one too many times. I see Griffin using his size to pin Anderson Silva against the cage and tripping him to the ground. Griffin will probably do just enough on the ground to avoid being stood up by the referee. I think he's versed enough in submissions to avoid anything Silva can throw up from his back. We have to remember that this fight is only three rounds and not five. If I were a betting man, I would probably put some change down on Griffin to win this one. What say you?

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