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Carolina Fight Promotions: "Beat Down In The Heat" Quick Results

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Carolina Fight Promotions presented "Beat Down In The Heat" in Wilmington, North Carolina, this past weekend for another successful show.  A MMA4Real reader attended the show and had this to say about it.  The fight results are as follows:

  • Thomas Watkins defeated David Prowse via Submission(Triangle Choke) at 1:42 of Rd. 1
  • Daniel Skipper defeated James Crumpler via Split Decision
  • Drew Stewart defeated Josh Smith via TKO(Ref. Stoppage) at 1:15 of Rd. 2
  • Franklin Hickman defeated Jon Bajek via TKO(Ref. Stoppage) at 2:52 of Rd. 1
  • James Hall defeated Steve Chinners via Submission(RNC) at 1:46 of Rd. 2
  • Grant Harris defeated Christopher Cain via Split Decision
  • Andy Teague defeated Dustin Turberville via KO at :40 of Rd. 2
  • William Estes defeated Carlos Perez via Submission(Guillotine) at 2:53 of Rd. 1
  • Purcell McNeil defeated David Griffin via Submission(Guillotine) at :39 of Rd. 3
  • Chris Crawford defeated Adam Jetton via Unanimous Decision
  • Tomar Washington defeated Jerry  Spiegel via KO at 1:06 of Rd. 2
  • Bryon Bloodworth defeated Russell Cook via Unanimous Decision
  • Robert Owens defeated Joshua Miller via Submission(Armbar) at :40 of Rd. 1
  • Jason Palacios defeated Jacob Kirwan via TKO(Ref. Stoppage) at 4:46 of Rd. 1

Carolina Fight Promotions will be holding their next show in October at the RBC center in Raleigh.  Be sure to stay tuned to MMA4Real for the latest in North Carolina MMA.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 08/05/09 10:07 AM EDT ]The commission reported that Daniel Skipper defeated James Crumpler via Split Decision.  However, it's been reported that James Crumpler defeated Daniel Skipper via Unanimous Decision.