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Randy Couture: It's An Adversarial Relationship Now Between Strikeforce And The UFC

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Randy Couture speaks to Michael David Smith:

The back-and-forth is starting now between the UFC and Strikeforce," Couture said Tuesday. "There were a lot of competitors out there for the UFC, and Strikeforce is the last one standing. So it was only a matter of time before the adversarial relationship started between them, I think, with the Affliction stuff and those contracts being up in the air and both organizations trying to sign those fighters

However, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker speaks to Sherdog and thinks things can remain the same in regards to the UFC and Strikeforce peacefully co-existing:

"Why would one fighter create a war?"

"I would hate to think this would be the catalyst for this to escalate. To me, I’m still of the feeling that everything’s going to be OK. We’re running our business the way we’re running it and they’re going to continue with their successful business. I guess they say only time will tell."

"We’re comfortable doing (co-promotion with M-1), and let’s face it –- Fedor is the greatest heavyweight in the world."

I guess we'll find out when somebody asks Dana White the million dollar question.  Or we could just wait until Strikeforce's next show and see what the UFC decides to do?  Do yall think the UFC will counter-program the Strikeforce event heavily?