Beatdown in the Heat - Wilmington, NC

I attended Beatdown in the Heat put on by Carolina Fight Promotions this past Saturday in Wilmington, NC. As such, here are my thoughts and reflections on the show/production as a whole.


The fights were competitive but still had some surprising and quick finishes. The amateur fights continually got better and more technical as the night went on. The usage of a flat screen to broadcast the ground action for the fans in attendance that may have difficulty seeing based on their seats or the angle of the cage is a great idea (one they've used in the past like at their show at the RBC center). By and large, compared to a good number of regional MMA promotions I've been to in NC and Va and even further north, the fights were competitive. I've almost come to expect at least a several complete blowouts when attending MMA shows nowadays with some guy's mouthpiece flying out within 15 seconds of the fight starting, but the fighters were well-matched (credit to Carolina Fight Promotions) with all the competitors coming in tough and looking hard to win. Team ROC and Evolution from nearby Wrightsville I believe, took home a good number of victories and the evening even had some international flare with the last fight featuring a fighter from the UK recently relocated across the pond. The show was done professionally, with little lag between fights, the vendors were in attendance with t-shirts affordably priced, and Bud Light was of course there for beverage.

If you haven't been to a Carolina Fight Promotions event, I highly recommend it. The fights are well matched, the event is a far cry above a lot of other regional shows I've been to and you definitely get a lot more than a shoddy show featuring lackluster guys (nothing against them, but from a ticket buyer's perspective) that seem to lack a serious background in training mma. The fighters also from what I've overheard appreciate and like to fight for CFP based on their level of professionalism.

Anyone else hit up the show?

Also, I have to give respect to two guys I know personally that fought, Andy Teague and Chris McNeil, both of whom won by stoppage and represented Team ROC.

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