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UFC 102: Post Fight News And Notes, Randy Couture Signs 6 Fight Contract

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-Jake Rosholt was awarded Submission Of The Night worth 60K

-Nate Marquardt was awarded KO Of The Night worth 60K

-Randy Couture And Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira were awarded Fight Of The Night worth 60K each.

-Dana White thought the energy from the crowd was great. 

-Dana White thought they missed on the tickets...basically overpriced them a bit...they will come back to Oregon.  Seattle will probably be the next stop when they do.

-Henderson isn't a sure bet to fight Anderson Silva now with Marquardt's performance...Dana White said "I gotta figure this thing out"

-No fighters went to the hospital even with all of the KO's and submissions

-Dana White will not do 5 round non-title fights.

-The Couture/Nogueira fight lived up to the hype

-Randy Couture just signed a new contract on Saturday.  the contract is 28 months....and/or 6 fights.  Couture said he intends to finish his career with the UFC

-Couture didn't feel he had won the decision and he thought Nogueira definitely won the fight.

-Dana White said he would love to see Randy Couture at light heavyweight.

-Dana White didn't say that Nogueira was a sure bet to face the winner of Lesnar/Carwin.

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