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UFC 102 Results: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Defeats Randy Couture via Unanimous Decision

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Huge "Randy" chant before the fight even starts. Couture lands a combination. Jab for Couture. Nogueira lands. Huge right for Randy then they in fight. Nogueira tries to pull guard but Couture backs out. Lunging right lands for Couture. They clinch in the center of the cage. And break. Nogueira drops Couture. He's hurt bad. Nogueira looking for a D'Arce choke. It's tight. Nogueira is cracking it. Couture trying to hang on and Nogueira lets it go. They stand. Leg kick for Nogueira. Right for Couture. Huge right for Couture. They trade and both men land. Another huge combo for Couture. These two are going at it. Not a lot of defense here. Nogueira cut under the left eye. They are swinging wildly in the center of the cage. The crowd is going crazy. Couture  lands a right. They clinch against the cage. They rest after a wild first 4:20. They clinch to end the round.

The second round starts and a jab for Couture. Leg kick for Couture. Nogueira tags Couture and hurts Couture. He goes for a guillotine but Couture immediately slips out but goes into Nogueira's guard. Big elbow by Couture. More elbows for Couture. Nogueira sweeps him into mount. Crazy. Into half-guard. Nogueira working for an arm-triangle. It's almost sunk. Nogueira looking to free the leg. He mounts. Nogueira punching to try to get Couture to make a mistake. Couture gets out but is still mounted with 90 seconds left. Back to half-guard. Couture scrambles back with 1:05 left. Crowd on its feet. They trade inside. Huge left hook by Couture but Nogueira is fine. Knee to the body by Nogueira. Leg kick by Nogueira. 

The third and final round starts Nice combo by Couture. Nice left by Couture. Nogueira lands several shots and staggers cCouture. He drops Couture and goes with hammerfists. Couture is barely defending and he somehow survives. Nogueira passes to side control. Randy's side is against the cage. Nogueira working some punches. Nogueira looking to mount but Couture looks ready to escape if he makes the move. Halfway through the round. Couture trying to get up but Nogueira jumps on his back. One hook in but he is very high. Ninety seconds left. And Couture reverses and ends up in Nogueira's guard. Randy has to make a move here in the final minute. Couture attempting elbows but doesn't seem to have a sense of urgency. Final 10 seconds...Nogueira sweeps Couture as the bell sounds.. Crowd is roaring

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