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REMINDER-UFC 101: Declaration-MMA4Real Betting Game

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UFC 100 results:


As you can see our competition over at Bloodyelbow edged us out by the narrowest of margins in our initial event at UFC 100.  Also, you'll see they are listed in the heavyweight category and we are listed in the middleweight category.  The number of members per fight team determines which weight class you compete in, so we'll need more members to join our fight team to move up weight classes.  It's NOT to late to join our fight camp.  If you wish to join the MMAForReal fight camp, send me a message on MMAPlayground with your MMAForReal username, or you can leave a comment in the comment section so I can send you an invite.  Try to get your MMAplayground username is as close to your MMA4Real username as possible.  Also, if you are a member of another fight camp, you'll need to leave that fight camp so you can join our fight camp.  The current MMA4Real roster can be found here.  More info on the matchups after the jump.

UFC 101: Declaration coverage


UFC 101 Wager

Those odds are not the REAL odds, but you can use them as a guide for the bets you wish to place for UFC 101.  You guys never indicated what you would like to have as prizes, so that's still up to you at this point.  Feel free to make recommendations in the comments section as well.  This season is ten events long, so you must participate in at least half of the events to become eligible for prizes.  Also, I'm considering a no-show policy(members that don't get their picks in on time) because that hinders our overall score in the competition against BE.