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Quoteworthy: Frank Mir Would Rip Anderson Silva's Shoulder Out Of Socket

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Frank Mir further elaborates on a potential move to heavyweight by current UFC middleweight champion Anderson SIlva.  Anderson Silva mentioned Mir by name as the first heavyweight he would like to face if he did indeed make the jump up in weight.  Mir spoke via Sherdog: Has anyone in a position of power actually approached you about this?

Mir: No. Not yet. I’ve even tried to ask a few people and they go, "Well, just worry about Cheick Kongo right now." As soon as I heard about it, I was calling up my manager and asking, "Hey, is this serious? Because if it is, I want to let you know, please, full steam ahead." Why wouldn’t I want it? It’s not like you’re asking me to fight Miguel Torres. If he shows up at 220 pounds, I’m between 245 and 255 pounds. That’s not an outrageous size difference. So you’d stand with him?

Mir: Yeah, as long as I could. If he rings my bell, I’m going to go ahead and try to take him down. But why would I want to take him down right off the bat? I want to move around with the guy. Some of the things he did, I don’t even believe. When I watched the Forrest [Griffin] fight, it looked like I was watching a movie. Some people see that and they’re afraid of it. When I saw Mike Tyson fight when I was a kid and everyone was terrified, I was a 12-year-old going, "Wow, what would it feel like to fight him? How great would that be?" And on the ground?

Mir: I’d rip his shoulder out of his socket. I roll with jiu-jitsu guys who are better technically than me in jiu-jitsu, but if I catch something, there’s no getting it back.