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UFC 102 Results: Brandon Vera Defeats Krzysztof Soszynski Via Unanimous Decision

The first round starts and they exchange punches immediately.  They trade big shots early. Leg kick by Vera. Knee to the body by Vera. Soszynski lunging in. Another leg kick for Vera. These are already adding up. Huge uppercut just misses for Vera. Soszynski goes in and they clinch against the cage. Vera turns it around and they break. Vera keeping Soszynski at bay. They trade body shots. Straight right connects for Vera. Vera goes high and it's blocked. Back to the leg. Vera pushes Soszynski against the cage and throws knees to the body. They break. Jab lands for Soszynski. Jab and drive for a takedown for Soszynski is stuffed. 

The second round starts and Soszynski smiles as the round begins. Big overhand left lands for Vera. They trade jabs. Soszynski lands a shot that grabs Vera's attention. Vera lands a knee going away out of the clinch. They clinch against the cage. And break. Vera's mouthpiece goes out after a head butt but referee Herb Deans stops it right as Soszynski drives Vera against the fence for a takedown attempt. Soszynski goes for a double but can't get it. Soszynski tries again and gets it to the ground with 55 seconds left. Vera immediately gets to a knee. Back up.

The third round starts Vera gets flashy with a spinning back kick early. Lands a left. Soszynski lands a left. Clinch against the cage. Soszynski goes for a double but Vera grabs a kimura and it stops the takedown. They trade knees out of the clinch. Vera gets a takedown out of the clinch against the cage with 2:40 to go. Soszynski works back to the feet with Vera on his side. Vera lands a knee. They clinch and Vera lands a knee below the belt. Soszynski walks it off. They clinch and Vera lands a few shots. They both land good shots with one minute to go. Right hook for Vera. Both men getting tired. Body kick for Vera with 30 seconds left. Soszynski lands a kick left with five seconds left. They trade and it's over.  The judges award Vera with a unanimous decision victory (30-27) x3.

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