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Which Promotion Should King Mo Lawal Sign With?

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King Mo Lawal had spent the bulk of his career fighting in Japan, but finally made his North American debut last night against an over matched MMA pioneer in Mark Kerr. Lawal was able to catch a Kerr kick and dump him on the mat then unloaded several unanswered punches to Kerr's head for the win. King Mo Lawal is now a free agent, and has basically stated that he's looking for a promotion that offers three things:

  • A promotion that will allow him to fight often
  • A promotion that will pay him well
  • A promotion that wants him

Lawal has a lot of options in that he can fight as a heavyweight as he did last night, as a light heavyweight as he usually does, or he could probably make the cut down to middleweight if he really wanted to do so. Lawal doesn't seem overly concerned about fighting the best competition right now, and he shouldn't since he is only 5 fights into his career. However, I think it's important that he begin to take those strides as most up and coming prospect do to make a name for themselves against more credible opposition. Which promotion should King Mo Lawal sign with?